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If exercises can strengthen the muscles in your body they can also benefit your face. As we get older our bodies stop producing the same amount of collagen and elastin and the force of gravity literally takes a greater hold on our facial muscles. Studies have shown that anti wrinkle exercises for the face have benefits for ageing and can strengthen the facial muscles.


What Effect Do Facial Exercises Have On Your Face?

Facial exercises or facial yoga does have benefits for the strength and tone of your facial muscles – and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Your skin is just like any other part  of your body: it loses strength and elasticity as you get older. Skin that was once taught and firm starts to sag and form wrinkles and creases as your production of collagen and elastin decreases.

This is largely because the pads of fat that sit below the surface of the skin get diminished. The layer of fat that is positioned below the surface of the skin isn’t one singular piece; it’s comprised of a few different pieces that fit together like the components of a jigsaw. As we get older these pads thin out and slip out of position, so the shape of your face changes its contours and becomes hollower.

When you do facial exercises you can make the facial muscles stronger and longer and plump up the volume in your face. And, with bigger muscles sitting below the surface of the skin, fine lines, wrinkles and facial creases are firmed and plumped up.


Do Anti Wrinkle Exercises For The Face Really Work?

You’ll be pleased to know that it isn’t all just theory either. In a study of 27 women who were aged between 40 and 65, researchers found that two sets of facial exercises of 90-minutes, sustained for a period of 20 weeks were enough, were able to knock three years off the age of their faces.

efficiency-of-anti-wrinkle-exercises-for-the-face-sydneyIf that all sounds like too much, don’t worry. The women did 32 facial exercises for 30 minutes a day daily for eight weeks and then they did 30 exercises for 12 weeks, every second day.

The results were analysed by dermatologists, as the researchers had taken photos of the subjects before, during and after the facial exercise program, using a facial aging scale. Specifically, the fullness of the upper and lower cheeks were found to be improved, and the dermatologists guessed each woman to be younger than she actually was.

The researchers conceded that their study sample was small and that they hadn’t used a control group but the results were promising enough to warrant a follow up study and, significantly, the subjects were very happy with the outcome. 


Using Facial Exercises As Anti Wrinkle Treatment

So, which anti wrinkle exercises for the face should you be doing to start looking younger and feeling more confident?

The skin experts say that when you do facial exercises correctly you can boost blood circulation and feed more nutrients and oxygen to your skin that gives you that healthy glow. You do need to be consistent and persistent though – just like exercise, you can’t just do it once and expect to peel years off in an instant. 

Treating The Eye Area Without Botulinum Toxin

If you’d like an anti wrinkle treatment that is non invasive, you can beat under-eye puffiness and crow’s feet with a simple exercise. Place your middle fingers in the inner corners of your eyes by your eyebrows and place your index fingers by the outer corners of your eyes. You should make a V with your fingers. Then look upwards to the ceiling, lifting the skin and squinting before relaxing your eye muscles. You should repeat this exercise six times and then finish off by closing your eyes tightly for 10 seconds.


Get Rounder Fuller Cheeks

Cover your teeth with your lips by making an O shape with your mouth. Then, still hiding your teeth with your lips, smile widely. You can repeat this exercise six times. Repeat this smile, but this time, keep your index finger firmly in the centre of your chin. Then move your head up and down while holding your chin back.


different-anti-wrinkle-exercises-for-the-face-sydneySmooth Out Those Forehead Lines

If you want to address horizontal creases in your forehead without Botulinum toxin, there’s a simple exercise you can do.

Place your fingers gently in the centre of your forehand, and apply gentle pressure. Push your fingers outwards to your temples. Repeat this exercise ten times.


Not As Patient As You Used To Be?

If you’d like an instant solution to treat the signs of premature ageing you might want to consider professional treatments like chemical peels and dermal fillers. Injectables like dermal fillers and even Botulinum toxin can produce much faster results than facial exercises. Plus, a dermal filler is a more personalised anti wrinkle treatment that can target your areas of concern, to provide a more satisfactory end result. 

For short term satisfaction, fillers and Botulinum toxin can give you a lot to smile about. For longer term maintenance, facial exercises can give you muscular strength in your face and body, and are worth investing in.


If you’d like to find out more about anti wrinkle exercises for the face, or about how you can look younger in an instant, it’s time to get in touch for a personal consultation. Please contact us: (02) 9158 6375.


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