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By following your surgeon’s instructions and dermal filler aftercare instructions carefully you can recover quickly and avoid many of the most common complications. Even though most procedures go relatively well and discomforts are minor, it’s important to stick to the care instructions you have been given for a smooth recovery period.


General Dermal Filler Aftercare Guidelines

It is always a good idea to ensure you have plenty of rest, follow a healthy diet and get enough sleep when you are in recovery. Your surgeon will advise you when it is safe to resume your exercise patterns.


What To Expect After Dermal Filler Treatment?

Your side effects and after effects will be highly dependent on where you have dermal fillers injected, but generally you can expect to experience some degree of:



You might experience mild tenderness or discomfort at the sites of your dermal filler treatment. Most patients find the discomfort bearable but if it is too much, you could try managing it with paracetamol.



If the swelling is noticeable you can manage it with a cool compress, but remember not to apply ice directly to your skin. Applying the cool compress as soon as possible after treatment can reduce the amount of swelling you experience. Some patients notice an improvement with swelling if they take arnica before and after dermal fillers.

If you opt for lip fillers you can expect more swelling than dermal fillers injected into other parts of your face. Your upper lip will also swell up more than your lower lip and this will decrease in the days following your treatment so don’t think you may have had too much filler done. Your new lip shape will be evident soon, and it is likely that your bottom lip will be smaller than your top lip.


Cold sores

If you are predisposed to cold sores it is possible that lip fillers could cause you to have a break-out. If you are susceptible to cold sores you should discuss your options with your surgeon before treatment so that the appropriate measures can be taken.



Patients who take fish oil regularly may find that they bruise more than others. Arnica before and treatment may be beneficial to treat bruising. Sleeping with your head elevated can also reduce your likelihood of developing bruising.

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Treatment asymmetry, red marks from the needle entry point and itchiness are also quite common side effects from fillers. If you have fillers injected into your jawline and forehead you might also experience a bit of lumpiness, but this should also settle down within a few days.

These side effects, experienced on a minor level, would all be considered quite normal and will generally self resolve in the days or weeks following your treatment procedure. You can expect everything to settle down around 4 weeks after your dermal fillers have been done.

What To Do Immediately After Your Dermal Filler Treatment?

Once your aesthetician has finished doing your dermal treatment your face will be thoroughly cleaned, and it is important that you do not touch your face for six hours afterwards. Once the six-hour window has passed, you may clean your face gently. You should also avoid putting makeup on your face on the day of your treatment. 


What Not To Do After Your Dermal Filler Treatment?

  • Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Avoid exercise for the 24-hours after treatment, 
  • Do not put pressure on your face on the day of your treatment. This includes at night, when you are asleep. If you need to, rather sleep flat on your back.
  • Do not drink alcohol for the 24-hours after treatment
  • Do not have a facial or facial waxing and avoid products containing retinol, vitamin C, AHA, laser or microdermabrasion and peels for two weeks after your fillers. 
  • Avoid international flights for at least seven days after your filler treatment as the changes in cabin pressure could cause complications.


Dermal Filler Aftercare: Retreatments And Touch Ups

It is advisable only to review the results of your dermal fillers four weeks after your first treatment. This is to ensure any swelling has gone down and you are happy with your final result. It is possible that you might want another session to achieve your ideal facial contours in terms of size and shape. You should only attempt a retreatment one to six months after your first treatment. Once you have achieved optimal filler level and want to maintain your new shape, you will probably only need a retreatment once a year.


Complications From Dermal Fillers 

The most common complications arising from dermal fillers are vascular occlusion and infection. Working with a reputable and experienced professional is the most effective way to ensure you have a safe procedure, and knowing what to look out for after your treatment will ensure you get timeous help.

Any redness, swelling or bruising that gets worse instead of better, or which starts suddenly and deteriorates rapidly should be reported to your surgeon as soon as possible. Your surgeon is likely to notice the early signs of vascular occlusion while doing your treatment, and will be able to address it in the chair. The area injected with dermal fillers may be visibly white or develop a fishnet pattern.


Your surgeon will advise you on the best dermal filler aftercare procedure to follow, so make sure you adhere to all instructions to minimise your chances of developing complications. To find out more about dermal fillers and what you can expect, please contact us: (02) 9158 6375.

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