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Healing from a nose job occurs slowly, and, while the majority of bruising and swelling will subside within a few weeks, it takes months to recover fully. Your rhinoplasty recovery timeline will depend on the complexity of your rhinoplasty surgery and the rate at which your body heals. In this post, we will delve deeper into the question, ‘how long does rhinoplasty take to heal’ so you can be well prepared.

Your Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline: The Variables

Some of the factors that influence your rate of healing after a nose job include

  • The thickness of your skin
  • Whether you are prone to bruising
  • The type of surgical techniques
  • The texture and thickness of your skin
  • Whether it is your first nose job or revisional surgery


What To Expect After Rhinoplasty Surgery: Week 1

During the first few days after a nose job, the swelling will be its most severe. Your nose will feel tender, and may find it difficult to breathe through your nostrils. Try to get as much rest as possible during the first week, making sure to keep your head elevated. Keeping your head held above your heart may reduce the swelling.

You can expect to have your dressings, splint, and stitches removed seven days after your rhinoplasty surgery. When this happens, you might notice some additional swelling at the tip of your nose, as well as bruising under your eyes and around your lips and cheeks. It’s also quite common for the swelling to be asymmetrical but try not to worry too much. You will see a vast improvement in the coming days and weeks.

how long does rhinoplasty procedure take to heal mirandaMake sure you eat a wholesome diet that is rich in nutrients and fibre.

Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages, as these can make swelling worse. Drink plenty of water and walk a bit every day to help with constipation.

Make sure you take any medication that has been prescribed for you. If it has been given on a schedule, stick to the schedule.


Rhinoplasty Recovery: Progress In Week 2 

For lots of patients, going back to work is possible at the end of week two. By this stage, swelling and bruising should be much better.

If your job is physically strenuous, you may want to delay your return or modify the daily activities you perform, so you aren’t under too much strain.

Remember that you must avoid blowing your nose for the first six weeks after rhinoplasty surgery. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe nasal spray to ease your nasal congestion.


Healing After A Nose Job: Weeks 4 To 6

A month into your recovery timeline, your swelling should be much better, and you may be able to get a good idea of what your final nose shape is going to look like. If you had a revisional nose job or you have thicker skin, you might still have a fair amount of swelling.

By this stage of rhinoplasty recovery, many patients can resume light exercise, but this should always be approved by your plastic surgeon. You must still wear thick sunscreen and protect your skin from UV rays as much as possible. By week 6, you will be able to wear glasses or sunglasses as the nasal bones should be strong enough.


Rhinoplasty Recovery Milestones: Months 2 To 3

Two to three months after your nose job, you will probably be feeling confident about the results. Much of the swelling should have gone down, and your new nose shape will be getting more visible. Remember that it can take up to 12 months for healing to be completed, and you shouldn’t feel concerned if you’re still healing.


Nose Job Recovery Timeline: Months 6 To 12

By this stage, your nose should be almost healed. The cartilage that was repositioned should have healed, and your skin should be positioned on the newly defined structure. By the twelfth month, your facial harmony should be restored, and you should feel content with your new look.

Swelling is a rhinoplasty side effect that takes the longest to heal. Out of all the features on a face, the nose holds onto swelling for the longest. Don’t be alarmed if your new nose shape isn’t immediately visible; the swelling needs to improve for you to see it.


How Long Does Rhinoplasty Take To Heal

It can take up to a year to heal completely from rhinoplasty. If you had revisional surgery, your healing process could be a bit slower. Remember that certain skin types may take longer to heal. If you have any concerns about your rate of recovery, make sure you raise them with your plastic surgeon. Do schedule and attend all your follow-up appointments so that your surgeon can check on your progress regularly. 

If you underwent extensive or complex surgery, if you are prone to bruising or if your skin is oily or thick, your recovery timeline could take longer than the guidelines presented above.

For a more personal response to the question ‘how long does rhinoplasty take to heal’ or to find out more about the procedure, please contact us for a confidential appointment: (02) 9158 6375.




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