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Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face, and interestingly enough, the nose tends to retain swelling for longer than other facial features. Healing from rhinoplasty surgery procedure is something that happens gradually over time. While everyone’s nose job recovery timeline is slightly different, there are certain milestones that you can look forward to, which signify that your healing process is taking place as it should. Let’s take a closer look at the question ‘how long to recover from a nose job’ and when you can start resuming your day-to-day activities.


Rhinoplasty Recovery Time: What To Expect

Your healing timeline will depend on the complexity and type of procedure you have, as well as your own body’s individual rate of healing. For most patients, the first week after rhinoplasty surgery is the most challenging. It is during the first week that swelling and bruising will peak, but during the first seven days, your nose will be packed and bandaged up in a splint.

Many patients find they have healed from their nose job sufficiently by the end of the first week to feel confident to go out in public.


Swelling and bruising

Most of the noticeable bruising and swelling after a nose job heals within the first two weeks. While you can expect to have swelling for a few months after rhinoplasty surgery, it will be significantly improved after the first 14 days. Swelling may be more noticeable after waking in the morning.  If you find that you have some swelling around your nose, try using a cold compress for a few minutes at a time.

Sometimes, patients have some bruising under their eyes following a nose job. Once the swelling has subsided, you can usually cover up light bruising with make-up.


Healing of nasal bones

recovery period nose job mirandaYour nasal bones should have healed around six weeks after your nose job.

This is a significant milestone in your rhinoplasty recovery time as it means you can start blowing your nose again.

Prior to the six-week mark, it is advisable to use a saline nose spray to decongest. Once your nasal bones have healed, you will be able to wear glasses and sunglasses again, as your nose will be stable enough to support the weight of the frames.


Going back to work

Returning to work is a personal choice and the right time to go back depends on how you feel and how you are healing. Some people want to return after a week, while others may feel better after two weeks. If your job is physically demanding, make sure you discuss your return date with your plastic surgeon.


Resuming physical activity and exercise

Usually, the third or fourth week after a nose job is when you may expect to resume light physical exercise. Light cardio such as brisk walking, jogging, and swimming can be undertaken during this milestone in your recovery but make sure you get your surgeon’s approval first.

Weight and resistance training should be avoided until the sixth week into your recovery after rhinoplasty surgery.


Normal skin sensations

It’s pretty common to experience numbness and abnormal skin sensations around your nose and upper lip for three to six months after rhinoplasty surgery. After this period of time, your skin should return to normal.


Your final nose shape

It takes up to 12 months to recover fully from a nose job. Some swelling may be present for up to a year after your procedure, although it is usually minimal and often only visible to you and your plastic surgeon. This is important to take note of because, if you are considering revisional surgery, you will only have an accurate indication of your final nose shape and size after a year has passed and healing is complete. 


So, How Long To Recover From Nose Job?

Each patient heals slightly differently, but you can expect to follow these rhinoplasty recovery timelines:

  • Two weeks after rhinoplasty surgery: most swelling and bruising should heal, and you should be able to return to work.
  • Six weeks after a rhinoplasty: your nasal bones will have healed, and you will be able to blow your nose. You should be able to resume your pre-procedure fitness routine.
  • Three to six months later: most of the swelling would have healed, and you should have a good idea of what your ‘new’ nose is going to look like.
  • 12 months after a rhinoplasty: the healing process is complete, and you could consider revisional surgery if required.


How To Speed Up Healing After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Following your plastic surgeon’s post-operative instructions may help you to speed up your rhinoplasty recovery time. Here are our tips:

  • Get as much rest as possible during the first week. Keep your head elevated and sleep upright to minimise swelling.
  • Eat nutrient-rich foods and drink lots of water.
  • Take your prescribed medication and report any complications and side effects to your plastic surgeon immediately.
  • Attend all your follow-up appointments.


For a more personal answer to the question ‘how long to recover from a nose job’, it’s best to consult a professional. Please contact us for a confidential appointment: (02) 9158 6375.







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