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If a nose job is on your to-do list, you may wonder how old you must be to get one. Luckily, many different types of procedures are available, and people of all ages can benefit from the transformative results these procedures provide, both physically and emotionally. However, knowing the right time for pursuing a rhinoplasty procedure is important so that all safety measures are considered. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the legal age requirements for getting a nose job and other factors that go into deciding the right time for you to take this big step. 


Overview of Rhinoplasty Procedures

If you’re considering plastic surgery, it’s important to research and understand all the different types of procedures available. In this section, we’ll share an overview of rhinoplasty procedures to help you make an informed decision. 


deciding-factors-nose-surgery-mirandaTraditional Rhinoplasty

This is the most common type of plastic surgery procedure used to change the shape or size of the nose.

The plastic surgeons make small incisions inside the nostrils or outside the patient’s nose or nose tip and then reshape the nasal bones and cartilage to achieve the desired outcome. This cosmetic surgery can take one to three hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. 


Revision Rhinoplasty

This type of rhinoplasty surgery is for patients unhappy with their previous results. It can be challenging, as it involves working with the existing scar tissue. This nose surgery is similar to traditional rhinoplasty but may require more time due to the complexity of the surgery. 



This nasal surgery focuses on correcting breathing issues caused by a deviated septum. The septum is a thin cartilage and bone wall separating the nasal cavity and nasal bone into two halves.

If the septum is off-centre, it can cause breathing difficulties. The surgeon straightens the septum through a small incision inside the nostrils, allowing better airflow. 


Legal Age Requirements for Getting a Nose Job

The age limits for getting elective surgery vary depending on the country you live in. The minimum legal and right age requirement for a nose job in Australia is 18 years old. This means that if you’re under 18, you need to have permission from your parents to undergo rhinoplasty.

However, some states have different laws regarding younger patients, so it’s important to research the laws in your state before proceeding. There are exceptions to the age requirement for nose jobs, depending on the individual circumstance. For example, if you have a medical issue like a deviated septum, you may be able to get a nose job before the age of 18.

In this case, the procedure would be classified as a medical necessity rather than cosmetic surgery. Go for a rhinoplasty consultation to find out if this applies to you.



Other Factors to Consider When Deciding if Now Is the Right Time for a Nose Job

In this section, we’ll explore other factors you should consider before deciding if now is the right time for a nose job. 


Mental & emotional health

Your mental and emotional health are two of the most important things to consider when considering getting a nose job. You should do a mental health assessment to figure out why you want the surgery and ensure that you are not doing it to please someone else.

If you have a positive self-image, your confidence will improve, and you are less likely to develop anxiety or depression. If you are feeling particularly stressed or anxious about your decision to get a nose job, it might not be the right time. 


Financial aspect

Nose job surgery is not cheap. The cost can vary greatly depending on where you live, the surgeon’s experience, and the extent of the surgery.

Ensure you have enough money to cover all expenses – upfront and hidden – before committing to the procedure. Also, speak to your insurance company to determine if any costs can be covered. 


rhinoplasty procedures surgery mirandaLifestyle and schedule

Recovery after nose job surgery can take time, anywhere from several weeks to several months. During this time, you’ll have to avoid physical activity, rest a lot, and avoid going out in the sun.

If you have a busy schedule, such as work or school, or young children at home that require constant supervision, finding the time to rest and recover might be challenging. You should also consider if you have the time to commit to maintaining your new look after the surgery. 


The Recovery Process

Recovery after facial surgeries like cleft palate or nose requires patience and commitment. You will have to avoid getting hit or bumped in the area during the healing period, which can be a struggle, especially if you are active.

Moreover, you will likely experience some discomfort, pain, and swelling during the early stages of recovery. Make sure you have realistic expectations regarding the recovery time and outcome. Ensure that you have someone to help you with the recovery process



Deciding whether or not to get a nose job is ultimately up to you, but it’s important to make sure you have all the facts and are aware of the risks before making a decision. Your doctor should always do a risk assessment and weigh any potential benefits, such as improved breathing or an improved aesthetic appeal. As long as proper medical help is sought from qualified professionals, getting a nose job can be safe and successful for those over 18 years old. If you are interested in getting a nose job or wish to contact our team of healthcare experts, don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 9158 6375. With us at your side, we’ll ensure that if you do decide to go through with it, your nose job will have the positive results you desire. 



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 





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