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Many people who suffer from acne will also experience scarring in those areas. Laser treatment for acne scars has proven to be very effective at improving the texture and tone of skin that has been scarred by acne, as it breaks down the top layer of skin and encourages the growth of new skin. Let’s take a look at how laser facial resurfacing and scar treatment may help to improve the appearance of your skin.


How Does Laser Treatment For Acne Scars Work?

Laser resurfacing has two different ways of addressing acne scars. First, the heat from the laser enables it to penetrate the outer layers of the skin, breaking down the old scars and removing the top layer. Secondly, it promotes the growth of new skin cells. The new layer below is smoother, younger and flatter looking. 


What Are The Benefits Of Laser Facial Resurfacing And Scar Treatment?

The development of scar tissue is a natural response to damage and do not cause any harm, however, some patients want to make their acne scars less noticeable. Sometimes laser facial resurfacing may also help to 

  • Make acne scars less painful or itchy
  • Improve the skin elasticity around the scarred area


What Types Of Laser Treatments May Be Used To Correct Acne Scarring?

The type of laser recommended by your aesthetician will depend on the extent of your acne scars and how deep they go. Some skins may require a series of treatments to see beneficial results.


Ablative laser resurfacing

Ablative laser resurfacing removes the top layer of your skin. It may leave the surface of your skin red for up to three to ten days after the treatment, during which time you should keep your face out of the sun.


Non-ablative laser resurfacing

Non-ablative laser resurfacing keeps the top layer of skin intact while resurfacing the layer below it with an infrared laser. It encourages natural collagen production in the second layer.


Fractionated laser treatment

Fractional lasers are used when patients would like to address pigmentation concerns in the second layer of skin. Fractional lasers can also be used to improve the appearance of deeper scars such as icepick and boxcar scars.

benefits laser treatment acne scars sydneyWhile many people would like to address acne scars on their face, laser treatment is also suitable for other areas of the body that may be scarred as a result of acne.

These include:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulders and upper torso
  • Arms


What Risks And Side Effects Are Associated With Laser Treatment?

Laser facial resurfacing and scar treatment would not be used on anyone who has active acne. You would need to have a consultation before, to ensure that your skin is suitable. The most common side effects from laser treatments include hyperpigmentation and infection, but your individual risk factors should be discussed with your aesthetician prior to treatment.

Other side effects include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort or pain
  • Skin crusting
  • Bleeding
  • Discolouration
  • No noticeable results could be possible

Redness could take up to ten days to subside. 


What To Expect From The Procedure?

Your skin will first be cleansed before a numbing cream will be applied to the surface of the skin. You might be asked to put on a pair of protective goggles. A barrier like gauze or cloth will be used to cover the surrounding healthy skin from the laser. The laser will be passed over your acne scars. Your skin may be cooled down from time to time during the process.

Once complete, skincare products will be applied.


What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From Laser Facial Resurfacing?

You should discuss your expectations and treatment possibilities with your aesthetician before you have any treatment. You should also remember that laser treatments will not remove your scars completely, and you probably will need more than one session for a noticeable improvement.

After you have had laser treatment for acne scars, you will need to avoid the sun for at least six to eight weeks, as your skin will be photo-sensitive.

You must also follow all post-treatment care instructions, which may include the use of specialised skincare products during your recovery period.

In order to reduce your chances of developing an infection, you may also need to avoid wearing make-up for a week or two after the treatment, and ensure you keep your skin impeccably clean.

Also, be aware that you will probably need to wait seven to ten days before the results of the treatment are noticeable.


How To Prepare For Your Laser Treatment?

Your aesthetician will give you specific instructions but in general, you can expect:

  • Not to smoke for two weeks before laser treatment
  • Not to take aspirin or blood-thinning medication for two weeks before laser treatment
  • Not to use skincare products containing retinol for two weeks before laser treatment.

If you are taking medication for acne, you will need to discuss it with your aesthetician, as you might need to stop taking it for a short period before the treatment.


To find out more about the benefits of laser treatment for acne scars, please contact us for an appointment: (02) 9158 6375.

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