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A successful nose job is guided by a holistic approach to facial harmony, as the rhinoplasty reshaping procedure meticulously considers how your eyes and mouth balance with the new shape of your nose. With the recognition that every person is unique, Dr Alan Evans carefully evaluates each patient to ensure the individual features are balanced for optimum aesthetic beauty. Nose reshaping surgery can be incredibly effective in refining your facial proportions and achieving the looks you desire. In this article, we’ll explain how it can help you achieve those goals.


Understanding the role of rhinoplasty 

The nose is undoubtedly the most conspicuous facial feature. A rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping procedure can make a tremendous difference if you’re aiming to create balance among your other features with it. You don’t even have to go far; just making minor adjustments may already result in an extraordinary impact on this defining characteristic of your face.

It is best to wait no less than 12 months before considering a revision rhinoplasty when it comes to undergoing a nose job for reshaping. You will experience bruising and swelling, which can take up to one year or longer in order for your new shape to completely heal and become visible. After that, you may decide if any further surgical procedure needs to be done at all!


What are some common corrections made during rhinoplasty? 


Reduction in the size of the nose

With an eye for aesthetic beauty, some patients come to our practice wanting to alter the size of their noses. They enquire about nose surgery when they feel like their nose is too long or wide; if it creates an imbalance with the other facial features and draws attention away from your natural attractiveness, then we can help them achieve more symmetry by shortening and reducing its dimensions. This kind of rhinoplasty can be intricate, as it might involve complex surgical procedures to reform the nose and alterations in size or shape at its tip. When done right, this type of procedure provides a more attractive profile and front view.


nose job complex process sydneyCorrecting an unwanted crooked nose

If you were born with an uneven nose or if it became crooked due to a facial injury, rhinoplasty can be your solution. This specific operation usually requires the resetting of the nasal bones and is more invasive than other treatments; therefore, working with a well-seasoned surgeon should be your top priority for obtaining the required results.


Re-setting the nasal bridge

If a patient wants more definition in the bridge of their nose, we usually must carry out a rhinoplasty to reduce the width of said bridge. This also involves refining the base of nasal passages and adjusting the nasal tip for a perfect look. If it’s too low or flat, implants in the nasal bone may be necessary to raise it up again.



Altering the tip of a pointy nose

Excessive cartilage at the tip of your nose can lead to a pointy look. Fortunately, this issue is easily resolved with rhinoplasty, where we remove some of that extra cartilage and reshape it into an aesthetically pleasing rounded shape. As only the tip undergoes surgery in this procedure, swelling and bruising on the nasal skin will be minimal, leading to faster recovery as compared to other types of rhinoplasty procedures.


Fixing a bumpy nose

A nose job can reduce or even eliminate nasal humps and bumps on the bridge of your nose. If this is a characteristic you inherited from your family, it may be important to keep some of that hump in place but still make sure it doesn’t take away from the other features of your face. Consequently, have an open dialogue with your surgeon about how much change you would like for them to bring about, so expectations are managed effectively.


Understand the complexity of the procedure

Your nose is a complex composition of bones, cartilage, and skin – requiring precise balance for an optimum result. A surgeon must take into consideration your medical history, ethnicity, face shape and type of skin before reshaping or removing too much cartilage – as this may have negative repercussions. It’s also possible that the procedure would require taking tissue from other areas of your body to complete the rhinoplasty surgery.

Consider getting a second opinion and contemplate what you would like to obtain from your rhinoplasty procedure before making any decisions. After deciding who should perform the surgery, review computer-generated images of the expected outcome. To gain more insight, don’t hesitate to ask for input from friends and family members about their thoughts on it. Make sure that you are fully conscious of all potential risks linked with this type of operation before moving forward to ensure a safe experience.

rhinoplasty sydneyRhinoplasty has many benefits, among those some primary ones are:

  • It aids in improving breathing in people suffering from distressed breathing due to nasal obstructions.
  • It relieves sinus pressure and constant congestion leading to frequent headaches and a stuffy nose.
  • It helps to provide relief from sleepless nights caused by heavy snoring.
  • It increases confidence levels hence providing peace of mind and overall feelings of satisfaction and happiness.


Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Those looking to alter the shape of their nose for self-improvement rather than merely pleasing others are ideal candidates because they will be entirely responsible for what comes before, during and after surgery – including its lasting results.

Rhinoplasty, whether surgical or non-surgical, is best suited to individuals who are in excellent health and have a clear vision of their desired outcome with realistic expectations. While the results can bolster one’s self-confidence significantly, it should not be expected that this process will automatically grant them better job prospects or attract potential romantic partners. As each patient has unique features, such as variations in bone structure, nasal skin thickness and musculature, there are certain limitations when changing an existing nose that must be taken into account before beginning treatment.

Transform your nose shape and gain newfound confidence through our incredible, life-altering procedure! Don’t hesitate to contact Dr Alan Evans for a confidential consultation at (02) 9158 6375 and learn more about the nose job you’ve been dreaming of.



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 









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