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Are you looking to attain a nose that is more proportionate in size? Or do you want to reduce the appearance of your bulbous nose tip? If your answer is yes, a tip nose surgery (tip rhinoplasty) might be able to help. Continue reading to learn more about this surgery.


What is tip nose surgery?

Tip rhinoplasty is a medical process that reshapes or alters the nasal tip cartilage to provide you with a smaller, more attractive nose. If your nose has been bothering you and you’ve been wondering what an ideal nose would look like, this procedure could be the answer!

Tip rhinoplasty -also called a mini nose job- is an incredibly popular surgical procedure that succeeds in reshaping the tip of your nose to give it a more desired and model-like projection. With its guaranteed high satisfaction rates, this procedure can help you achieve the perfect look you desire!


Who can benefit from tip rhinoplasty surgery?

If you feel as if the tip of your nose is not looking its most attractive, then you are a strong contender for tip rhinoplasty surgery. This nose tip surgery focuses on targeting the nasal area only so that it can be reshaped to fit your ideal aesthetics.

You might have a few cosmetic concerns about the nasal tip, such as:

  • Bulbous nasal tip. If you have a bulbous tip, then your nose may protrude and look round when compared to the bridge of your nose. There will be an abrupt bump between them that doesn’t create a natural transition. treatment rhinoplasty tip sydney
  • Pointy nasal tip. When the nasal tip becomes too narrow to the point of having an abrupt angle at its end, a cartilage implant may be required in order to add some volume and shape. This condition is commonly referred to as a pointy nasal tip.
  • Over-projected nasal tip. An over-projected nasal tip is when the nose protrudes beyond its natural shape, creating an overly long and projecting point on your face.
  • Nose pointing down. When the tip of the nose points downwards, it is a telltale sign that nose reshaping surgery can be beneficial. This procedure not only brings the nasal tip to its ideal angle (which is usually 100 degrees for women and 90 degrees for men) but also enhances facial proportionality and symmetry.
  • Boxy large tip. This happens when the tip of your nose is box-shaped, too round, or too wide, making it appear overly large and bulky in comparison to the rest of your face.

Tip reshaping rhinoplasty offers a wide range of solutions for any nasal aesthetic issues. Even though the tip is just one part of the nose, its enhancement can completely alter your facial proportions and appearance in an instant. Thus, it’s no surprise that this procedure has become so popular among people looking to make some changes!


Tip rhinoplasty procedure 

This procedure is a simplified version of traditional rhinoplasty, taking anywhere from half an hour to ninety minutes. Based on the methods used and individual nose characteristics, your specialist plastic surgeon will strongly suggest local or general anaesthesia as the most appropriate option for you.

The surgery can be done through either a closed or open approach, depending on what’s necessary. In a nutshell, the closed technique entails making a cut in the interior of the nostrils for faster operation time. Not only does this method provide quicker results, but it also offers a more discreet means to achieve your desired outcome.

On the other hand, an open method entails making a minor cut on the skin situated between the nostrils.



Tip rhinoplasty is an advanced medical procedure that fine-tunes the nasal profile by delicately reshaping the cartilage. This mini nose job surgery decreases the nostril size, giving you a more visually appealing nose. There are three main techniques used to perform tip plasty:


1. Cartilage tie-tip plasty

The surgeon will secure the widespread alar cartilage to decrease its width, allowing for a more pointed and aesthetically pleasing nose shape.


2. Cartilage implant

The plastic surgeon will augment your nasal tip by adding a structure-building implant. This can alleviate the flat, dull look of your nose and may be accompanied by the removal of fat should you have excess fat on the tip region.


3. Cartilage repositioning

If you’re seeking a way to refine the appearance of your nose, specifically if it is short and turned upwards or has been altered by traditional rhinoplasty methods, then this technique may be just what you need. By repositioning septal cartilage in a precise manner, surgeons can give your nose an attractive shape that will help define its contours.


Recovery after tip nose surgery

This type of procedure is significantly less invasive than full rhinoplasty and results in fewer post-surgery symptoms as well as faster recovery time.

surgery tip nose procedure sydneyFollowing your surgery, you can expect the majority of postoperative concerns to improve dramatically within the first week. Symptoms such as nasal congestion, pain around the nose area and facial swelling, plus any bruising, will decrease significantly during this period.

For an initial couple of months, you should only partake in non-contact activities, such as walking or light jogging, and avoid any strenuous exercise or sports that could cause injury. During your restorative period, touching your nose must be avoided. Make it a point to keep your mouth open when sneezing, and use saline solution for cleaning out the nasal passages as required. After undergoing your tip reshaping procedure, your surgeon will provide you with comprehensive postoperative instructions and aftercare advice.


What are the benefits of nasal tip surgery?

If the form and look of your nose tip or nostrils are causing you distress, tip rhinoplasty is an outstanding option for you. This popular procedure can provide a number of aesthetic advantages, such as:

  • It can artfully sculpt the nasal tip, giving your face a more defined and aesthetically pleasing look.
  • In some circumstances, it might help to enhance nasal functioning and respiration.
  • It can help refine the shape of a curved nasal tip, giving it an even and elegant appearance.
  • It can decrease nasal flaring.
  • It can help rebalance your nostrils.
  • It can help lift a drooping nasal tip.
  • It can help decrease the bulbous or wide nasal tip.
  • It may help boost your self-confidence.


Improve your nose with tip nose surgery at Dr Alan Evans

Tip rhinoplasty is the perfect way to attain a newfound level of self-confidence. Through this procedure, you can shape your nose in any way that suits you. Whether you’re seeking a subtle change or something more significant, Dr Alan Evans can help create facial symmetry that looks natural and beautiful. With years of experience in rhinoplasty, he is an experienced plastic surgeon.

Contact us at (02) 9158 6375 today to book your consultation with Dr Alan Evans.



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 





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