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Having dermal fillers is a less invasive procedure than plastic surgery, and can address many of the signs of premature ageing efficiently. Despite fillers growing in popularity and being more easily available, it’s essential that you have treatment by a suitably qualified and experienced aesthetician. Let’s look at what to expect after dermal fillers, and how you can speed up your recovery.


Why Dermal Fillers Are Surpassing Plastic Surgery?

While face lifts, rhinoplasty and eye lifts cannot be rivalled by dermal filler, injectables offer patients the opportunity to make small but effective changes to their appearance. Plastic surgery is invasive, requires downtime and healing and is disruptive to your life. By contrast, injectables like dermal filler are relatively quick and efficient to do. You can return to most of your usual activities afterwards and healing takes place quickly.


What To Expect After Dermal Fillers: Injectables Aftercare?

There are some common side effects after dermal fillers, and patients might experience some events at the sites they were injected:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Small red marks from the needles
  • Itchiness

These side effects happen often and will usually self resolve in the days after your treatment. Any discomfort is quite mild and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication if necessary.

It may happen that patients who are susceptible to cold sores experience a breakout after dermal fillers. Your doctor may recommend taking preventative medicine before treatment to safeguard against this.


What To Do About Cleansing Your Skin?

After your dermal filler treatment, your skin will be cleaned. You will be instructed not to clean it for at least six hours, whereafter you will be able to use a mild cleanser and some water. 

It is not recommended that you wear make-up on the day of the procedure.


What Not To Do After Dermal Fillers?

expectation what to expect after dermal fillers sydneyYour aesthetician will give you specific care advice in the office before you go home but in general, you can expect to

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid sleeping on the side of your face. Try to sleep on your back instead.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for the first 2 4hours
  • Not expose yourself to extreme heat (like saunas) or physical exertion
  • Avoid using retinols, AHAs and vitamin C products on your skin
  • Avoid other skincare and facial treatments for the first 24-hours after dermal fillers.


What To Expect After Dermal Fillers: Side Effects?


Managing Pain

Everyone’s pain threshold is different and certain areas of the face (like the lips and chin) may be more sensitive. In general, paracetamol is recommended for pain management. Discuss your options with your aesthetician.


Managing Swelling

If the swelling is uncomfortable, you can apply a cold compress to the swollen areas, but do not apply ice directly to the surface of your skin. Using cold compresses in the first 24 hours after your treatment can make a difference to the amount of swelling that presents.


How Painful Are Injectables?

Pain can range from mild to moderate and depends on where you have the injections. For most patients, the sensation is uncomfortable and sensitive, and it can be managed using over-the-counter products.


Should You Massage Your Skin?

Your aesthetician will advise if massage is necessary after the tenderness subsides. Sometimes it is not recommended; this should be confirmed by your aesthetician.


What Complications Are Associated With Dermal Filler?

Infection and vascular occlusion are the most commonly experienced side effects associated with dermal filler, however, they occur infrequently when you work with a suitably qualified and experienced professional.


Vascular occlusions

If they are going to occur they generally are visible in the treatment chair and they can be treated. Vascular occlusions are typified by the skin turning white or developing a pattern that resembles fishnet stockings. Small blisters may develop on the skin, or the skin may discolour in areas that were not injected.



An infection may develop in the days after a dermal filler treatment. You may notice an increase in pain, heat, the development of pus, increased swelling or tenderness. If any of these symptoms present, they should be reported to your doctor.


Lip Fillers

It is quite common for the top lip to swell a lot more than the bottom lip, and patients may worry they have injected too much dermal filler. The swelling will subside in the following days and you shouldn’t worry about it.


Fillers In The Jaw And Temple

Patients who have fillers injected into their temples do report headaches, while patients who have dermal fillers in their jaw notice some lumpiness, which will also self resolve in the days following. The veins in the forehead may protrude slightly more temporarily after dermal fillers.

It’s advisable to get input from a medical professional before you have dermal fillers so that you can prepare yourself well. Your aesthetician will have specific advice for you, that needs to be followed. Any concerns or questions should be asked prior to treatment, and any medical concerns you have post-treatment should be referred to a medical professional immediately.


To find out more about a fresh alternative to plastic surgery and what to expect after dermal fillers, please contact us for a confidential appointment: (02) 9158 6375.

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