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Rhinoplasty surgery was one of the first plastic surgeries performed by humans to improve their appearance or nose function– and we really do have a fascination with this facial component that sits in the middle of our faces. While we answer the question of what is rhinoplasty we are going to have a look at the history of this cosmetic surgery procedure and how it has evolved as we have.


The Nose And Its Meaning

Since time immemorial people have made up stories and narratives about noses and nose shapes – and what they about a person and their place in society. Of course, this is all a human construct but it doesn’t detract from the fact that certain nose shapes are viewed more positively than others creating a desire for different nose shapes in those who didn’t possess an optimal size or shape.

While the first recorded nose job was a crude effort as far back as the 6th century 6BC, it was actually the spread of syphilis that necessitated humans finding ways to construct new noses, at first through rudimentary skin grafting. And, even though nose jobs are the first known cosmetic surgery to have been performed by humans, it shows no sign of decreasing in popularity.


The Search For The Perfect Nose

There is no objectively perfect nose out there – nor is there a standardized sense of beauty. The nose that looks good enough is something that you will decide on with your surgeon.

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Cosmetic And Functional Nose Jobs

Some patients have rhinoplasty surgery performed to change the appearance of their nose while others opt for plastic surgery to improve their ability to breathe. Some medical reasons for nose jobs include deviated septums, correct breathing obstructions, widen the airways, improve snoring or manage other sleep apnoea symptoms. Sometimes trauma to the nose can result in permanent damage that can only be addressed through plastic surgery.

For many years the most popular trend in nose jobs was to look like popular or attractive celebrities of the time. Today’s standards are somewhat different however, and many patients are starting to embrace their uniqueness. Rather than model a nose on a celebrity or cover girl, many patients would now rather enhance their features so that they stand out from the crowd rather than blend in with it.


Getting A Second Nose Job

Yes, that’s right. There are so many incidences of bad nose jobs out there that it is not uncommon for a surgeon to have a patient request to fix a bad nose job from years ago. Also remember that because small changes make a big difference there will be a limit to what you can achieve with your nose surgery the first time around. Some patients find it necessary to return for a second nose job to achieve their desired end result because it wasn’t possible in one sitting. Do remember, if you decide to do this, that it will take up to a year for your new nose shape to settle and that a second surgery should only be contemplated after a year has passed.


What Can Be Achieved Through Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Small changes to the nose can make a major difference to its overall appearance. Nose surgery can be used to:


Repair a broken nose 

A broken nose may not heal symmetrically, or may heal leaving a noticeable bump which can be corrected with nose surgery. Any structural damage caused by a bad break can be repaired with rhinoplasty. Sometimes it may be required to reshape the cartilage; at other times the broken bones of the nose may need to be reset.


Reducing the size of the nose

Patients who think their nose is too big for their face can have their nose re-proportioned.


Repairing a deviated septum

A deviated septum is potentially very dangerous as it can interfere with your ability to breathe properly. Having surgery can ensure you receive optimal oxygen.


Modifying nostril shape

Changing the shape of the nostrils is another common request when it comes to rhinoplasty. Many patients find their nostrils are too wide or too narrow and want to have them changed. It’s important to note that any changes to the nostrils will actually impact on the nose overall, as it is an invasive change that is being requested.

Reducing a prominent hump

Some people want to reduce or remove bumps or humps from their nose bridge. This is usually done by removing extra cartilage from the inside of the nose.


Reshaping the nose tip

Patients who have a large or bulbous nose tip may wish to have it reshaped. This can also often be done from inside the nostril, which means that any scarring that occurs will not be very noticeable.

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What Can You Expect From Your Nose Job Procedure?

Most nose jobs can be performed as outpatient procedures, which means you won’t have to stay in overnight. You will discuss whether general or local anaesthetic is best for you with your plastic surgeon but it’s a good idea to make sure your home is set up comfortably for your return and recovery.


Is Having Rhinoplasty Vain?

Having rhinoplasty is a complex decision making process that influences your sense of self-esteem. In most cases, it comes down to more than just looks and encompasses how a person feels about themselves and how they are able to confront each day in a positive frame of mind. If the size, shape or appearance of your nose is making you unhappy it is definitely worth speaking to your plastic surgeon about.


Still want to know more about what is rhinoplasty and whether you could benefit from rhinoplasty surgery? Please contact us for a confidential discussion: (02) 9158 6375.

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